Corporate reorganisation

We plan and advise on corporate restructurings covered by the tax-neutrality scheme, such as:

  • Mergers.
  • Partial and full spin-offs.
  • Stock swaps.
  • Contributions of business branches.
  • Non-monetary contributions by companies.
  • Non-monetary contributions by individuals.

Company purchase

We advise on tax optimisation in the purchase and sale of companies, with specialized services for transferors and transferees:

Transferor: Acquirer:
  • Tax optimisation of the corporation tax.
  • Tax optimisation of the income tax on individuals.
  • Indirect taxation: VAT, municipal capital gains
    (Self-Assessment for Capital Gains Tax. levied
    on Urban Lands – IIVTNU).
  • Tax audits.
  • Investment deductions.
  • Financial goodwill deduction and optimization.
  • Indirect taxation: Equity Conversion, VAT.


We provide tax planning for corporate income tax, including:

  • Tax structures to optimize or lower taxation.
  • Applications of tax exemptions tax deductions and tax credits.
  • Tax incentives to maintain employment.
  • SME tax incentives.
  • Reduced tax rates.
  • We also advise on all fiscal and tax issues related to international labour mobility.


We provide tax planning for the remuneration of partners and managers, including:

  • Partner/company tax optimisation. Holding structures.
  • Income tax: Reduction for irregular earnings.
  • Tax exempt income.
  • Remuneration in kind.

Inheritance and gift tax

We plan the transfer of personal and corporate assets, including:

  • Applying the allowance of 95% for corporate equity transfers.
  • New reductions included in the reform of Inheritance Tax.
  • Tax planning for lifetime gifts. 


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