International Labour Mobility

The posting of workers abroad requires specialists to provide advice on all the legal issues involved.

TGG Legal offers a renowned and comprehensive service to ensure that companies and employees comply with all tax and social security obligations in both the origin and destination countries.

  • Tax residence determination for posted employees and/or managers.
  • Calculation of employees’ origin and destination tax obligations, as well as those of the company as far as retentions are concerned.
  • Analysis of remuneration policies and of tax-neutrality schemes.
  • Payroll application and implementation of the exemption for work done abroad.
  • Application of the excess scheme as an incentive for expatriation.
  • Review of contractual relations and assignment contracts.
  • Social security contributions, as well as maintenance and application of bilateral agreements in this area.
  • Formal correspondence in tax and social security matters.
  • Tax and social security compliance in both the origin and destination countries.

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